Hey guys! Hope you are all well! It’s been a while since I did my #NATtastes series but I thought I should get back on track! And when Al Dente invited me to try their pasta it was a good starting point 😛 I always like to keep these series real and short, I mean the food is either good or not right? 😀 And so let me tell you their pasta is so yum! Everything is homemade and fresh and you can taste it! You can also buy pasta for you to cook at home (they also do gluten free).

We tasted 3 – Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara and Pesto and the Cacio e Pepe was a winner! So goooood! You also get parmesan for free if you wish and you can have as much as you like yassssss!

We were recommended to try the Tiramisu and let me tell you it was gooood! Not your usual one but I think even better!

Al Dente’s Instagram feed, click HERE for more.

A bit of explanation on the below – there kinda is and isn’t a service, so don’t expect much but the people working there are super friendly and nice, happy to help. There are high chairs so I guess not the best if you want to come with a kid. It’s cheap, kinda like a take away food price, again, because it’s not a restaurant, it’s perfect for a quick meal on the go. They have one guest toilet, which is nice and clean but when I was there they was no paper ooops.


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