I completely forgot to share this review with you guys! Here we are at Ponti’s Italian Kitchen. A place next to Oxford Circus station where was my first ever official date with Roland on 14/02/12, yes the Valentine and it is since the day of our anniversary . And so here we are again on 14/02/17 OMG it’s been 5 years!!!  I must say Ponti’s was very welcoming and brought us (an everyone else) a glass of prosecco when we arrived! Here I am crying because I got my first ever love card from Roland Well, let’s talk about the food – very very tasty! Haha my starter was amazing! I had the spicy sausage spread with burrata cheese and it was yum! Roland’s was good too but more ordinary . As a main I got carbonara. I really wanted to taste carbonara somewhere else then Vapiano and even tho it was nice and I loved the crispy bacon on the top I still prefer the Vapiano one . Roland got pizza, boring as always and he didn’t complain so all good. As a dessert I got warm chocolate brownie which was so yum and Roland got Cheesecake alle Prugne. All the employees were very friendly, polite and helpful. Couldn’t complaint. Bathroom is downstairs and it is okay – unfortunately when I was there there was no toilet roll left so they should check that out more often. Overall I really like the place, food and the whole atmosphere. Yes you might pay a little more but the food is good and at the end of the day you are at the Oxford Circus so what do you expect.

 “Bresaola” “Bruschetta N’duja e Burrata” The wine was gooood!“Carbonara” And when you ask for extra cheese .  I usually don’t have a space for cake in my tummy but since we haven’t eaten anything since breakfast I could easily fit one. They were both delicious! ↓ SCROLL DOWN FOR THE REVIEW ↓(Source: Instagram)


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