I’m wearing: coat ISOLATED HEROES, dungarees ALIEXPRESS, backpack PRIMARK, boots ASOS

Yes I am a rainbow kinda addict I really can’t help myself but anything rainbowy just makes my day much nicer and happier and to be honest I know that I do make some of your days much nicer too. It really does mean a lot to me when you guys send me messages that you had a rubbish day but you opened my Instagram and smiled. It feels amazing! I love making you smile! Even if you smile because you like what you’re seeing or because you think I look funny I don’t really care, I made you smile and that’s the most important thing! I don’t think people smile in enough in this world. Every time I’m on the tube I like to explore people, just watch..and they are so miserable, mostly staring into their phones. I mean yeah, London is kind of miserable place to live hahaha but it’s also so much fun! It is the way you make it to be! And there are always thousands reasons to smile and I mean thousands! Also you don’t even know how much it might mean to someone when you smile at them and it is the prettiest thing you can wear! Oh I feel so good when I smile but I do feel much better when someone smiles at me!  So don’t forget to smile at me next time you see me unicornzzz.



“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world to change your smile.”

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