I am so grateful for all the messages I get from you guys, being your every day inspiration is something amazing . It feels so good to know that I inspire you in so many ways.. but the main think I love hearing from you is “thank you for helping me to show my real me” this is insane! This means fucking huge massive lot to me you know?! Being true to yourself and being who you are is the most important thing and it applies to your inside and outside too! You should be able to wear what you want every day! You work in a office so you can’t wear this and that even if you’d love to? Then find a new job. You say you can’t wear this and that because people will stare at you and talk behind your back? Fuck that! We only live once, so if not now then when?

Every time I leave my house dressed like a crazy unicorn,  yes I might be slightly worried haha but this is what I love! I love colours, sequins, prints, glitter and all that craziness  so who cares!  Yes people stare ..  some shout at me stupid words, some look at me with a weird face expression on, some say “interesting” yeah right – we know they think I look an idiot but some smile at me, some say I look lovely and some say I totally rock … I guess you can never please everyone right? So just please continue being YOU because you are AWESOME 

Wearing: jacket BOTTLE BLONDE, unitard MOTEL ROCKS, boots ASOS



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