I was lucky enough and was asked by Jet2 if I’d like to explore the area of Dordogne in France for few days so obviously I said YES! We flew to Bergerac (flew from Leeds) and had a great time…

We arrived at Bergerac around 10am, got a rental car and drove about 20 mins to Les randos de Nico who offers rides on the all-terrain trots or quad bikes through the vineyards in the area. I really wanted to try the trot but you have to be standing and carry the power bank on your back which is pretty heavy so I was too scared because of my back problems so we picked the quad bikes instead just to be safe (you don’t want to start your holidays with calling an ambulance right? lol). You get some great views and it’s really fun, you also stop by the Monbazillac castle and the views there are pretty epic! There are different times you can book it for from 2 hours up to a day or more.

By the time we finished it was 2pm and then we were looking for a place to eat (we haven’t eaten anything since yesterday) for about two hours until someone told us that most of the places in Dordogne are closed between 2-6pm. So keep that in mind guys! We then had a b&b booked which was 2 hours drive from Monbazillac and we had check in at 7pm so we headed on our way.. I do recommend you not to rush as wherever you drive you find something on your way…on our drive to Sarlat we saw a beautiful little village called Issigeac, we only popped out of the car for a pint as we were so thirsty but I could definitely have a browse for at least two hours.

Also stopped on the way to take some pics with the vineyards 🙂

And now in Sarlat for the dinner.

In Sarlat we stayed at such a pretty b&b but unfortunately because we got in late and went straight for a dinner and then had to wake up early I literally had no time to take any pics but here is the LINK. The breakfast was also very yum! They had all the homemade goodies and also made us eggs and bacon 🙂 . In the morning we headed to Jardis de Marqueyssac and guys let me tell you this garden is one of the prettiest I’ve seen and I didn’t even see it all as again – we had no time 😀 . If you want to enjoy the gardens to the fullest I recommend you to have more than a half day for it. The gardens are massive, you can also do ferata there, plus they have a restaurant where you are surrounded by peacocks but get ready to wait for a table a little so you do need some time to do and see it all.

We left the gardens just before 4pm and headed straight to Canoes Loisirs. They rent canoes from Vitrac and then you have two options, you can either pass 3 bridges which is about 2-2.5 hours or 5 which is about 3.5 hours long trip. Note this is without any long stopping or chilling on the river (which is actually super clear and perfect for swimming!) The last pick up is at 7pm so you have to kinda calculate the timings. Unfortunately because we arrived too late we only managed the shorter trip so we missed most of the castles which you can see between the third and fifth bridge. So again on a nice sunny day I would do this as a day trip so you can also stop on the way for a picnic, have a swim, chill on the beaches and enjoy all the views.

And we had dinner by the river Dordogne – this is exactly at the place where you rent the canoe.

After canoe we headed to our next b&b which was in Dordogne valley, stopped to take some pics on the way tho haha.

It was about an hour drive to our second place called Britavit. Again, this place was lovely (actually perfect for my wedding lol as it had accommodation, the barn and big land with views!) the only thing is that I actually didn’t like the bedding and towels – they were probably from 80s washed like trillion times. But when we got here I knew instantly I’d be taking some pics here in the morning as the outside was super nice, but.. the lady who owns it asked us when we want to have a breakfast and because finally we were not in a rush we asked if we can have it at 10 am she said that’s too late for if we can do 9.30 so we said okay. We woke up at 9.25 am 😀 and when straight down for the breakfast where there was a note saying that we have to check out by 10.30 latest – super weird, as she didn’t mentioned anything the night before. Well anyway, we quickly ate the breakfast, packed and left haha so no pics for you guys. From here we then drove to our last b&b which had pool and it was finally time to chill and get sun kissed. Here is the LINK – but again a weird situation – even tho the owners were lovely there was one thing that shocked me a little. When we arrived we were offered a glass of wine. So the owner opened the bottle and poured us and himself a glass. All good so far haha. Then in the evening I just mentioned to him that we were gonna go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine and he was like no no don’t go it will be closed here I give you a bottle and I was like no no don’t worry we can go and get some somewhere but he insisted on giving me the bottle. So he gave me the opened bottle which he opened on our arrival and from which he also had a glass. Well I thought how sweet, such a nice people so I will definitely be leaving a fabulous review until … until we were leaving and had to pay and he charged us 12 euros for the bottle of wine, what the hell? I was in shock but we had to leave as we were running late for an early flight so had no time to argue but well that didn’t leave a good impression to be honest.. specially because he also had a glass!!! Oh well.. never take anything from a stranger my mum said 😀

And that’s pretty much it from us and these few days in Dordogne. Thank you Jet2holidays for having us and we will for sure be back!

Love, Nat xxx

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