As you can guess from the title or if you already watched the vlog…when in Portugal..Lagos.. YES, FISH FELL DOWN FROM THE SKY ON US!  Literally!!! Not sure if the seagull didn’t carry it properly or some other seagull was after him but he basically dropped the fish from who knows what height and it was like a bomb! I don’t even remember what happened few seconds after, I was in shock! I only remember Roland then saying “record it record it!” lol so that’s those few seconds which you can see in the video otherwise there would be nothing as my mind was blank. The worst thing was it fell down straight on the camera and then with the pressure it smashed all over us. My outfit was all covered in fish and blood, I STUNK and I mean STUUUUUNNNKK! Disguting! But back to worst – the camera stunk and it still does! Even tho we tried to clean it, it got into those tiny parts and we obviously were not able to clean those, so every time we shoot we have “nice” memories coming back lol. Hopefully for not too long as we really need to have the camera professionally cleaned.

Anyway, here are some, well only few, pictures I took on my phone and more will be coming out next week including the after movie from the trip 

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