Today wasn’t my lucky day! Obviously we didn’t go to shows which were in the early morning (the shows should start strictly after 12pm! lol) and the ones we went to we didn’t get in because the capacity was too full. WTF?! Are you for real?! So they gave out ridiculous amount of invites probably thinking/hoping people won’t come..well they did! Those who don’t know, you can’t buy tickets to shows as they are strictly invites only but sometimes you won’t get in even if you have the invite 😀  which sucks! I can’t even imagine how pissed off I’d be if I travel to LFW from a different country and then I would be told I am not able get in! TOO BAD! So today we only saw the Rocky Star and then we went to see the presentation of Jiri Kalfar. Do you guys remember me wearing his pieces during Prague Fashion Week? If not have a look HERE 🙂 .


Today I was wearing the coolest two piece from SUNNY LITTLE BITE  

Sunnies are from ALIEXPRESS, top PRIMARK, shoes TOPSHOP and earrings EBAY

Pictures by ROLAND MAJER Here are few looks from the ROCKY STAR ss18 show 🙂


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