Let’s not waste our time and get straight to the interview with this glitter queen JUSTAUNIFORM! What will she pick?Hi there everyone!  Finally! Another post from my #MEETTHEBLOGGER series  Today I would like to introduce you Siobhan who blogs at JUSTAUNIFORM  As you could have already read above, she’s from Glasgow but she says “home is where I leave my hat” which I don’t agree as much because I think she should be saying “home is where I leave my glitter at”  I love her bright colourful vibes, she is full of life and fun! It was my first time meeting this girl (until today we only were Instagram friends – see her Instagram HERE ) and we had a blast! I seriously enjoyed her company, as I think she is open, honest and fun which are the three things I’m looking for when meeting new people and deciding whether we’re going to hang out again haha and so I think I will be seeing her again soon! (only if she didn’t get the same vibes from me loool that would be another story then) Hope you enjoyed this post my beautiful people, I won’t be talking much as you can read plenty things about her in the interview. So don’t forget to keep scrolling for our fun video from the day in Camden and the outfit details of course. Have a great weekend unicornzzzzzz 


Photos & video by MISHKA SIBERT

JUSTAUNIFORM is wearing: dress ASOS, shoes ZARA, sunglasses RAYBAN, glitter NEW LOOK
I’m wearing: top VINTAGE, pants TOPSHOP, trainers PUMA, sunglasses ALIEXPRESS



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