Aaaaw guys! You know how much I love dogs right, I mean any animal really  but dogs yaaaay!! I used to have a Maltese dog when I was younger back home in Slovakia,  he lived impressive 17 years but since then unfortunately while renting and moving constantly in London it was impossible to get a dog . That’s probably why I ended up with three cats .  So to dogsit these two cute sausage dogs for a weekend it was a dream!  On Saturday we went for a walk to Virginia Water and on Sunday to Richmond Park. I was a little worried to leave them run without the leash at the beginning but we had nothing to worry about, they behaved so well . This weekend made me realise that we need to get two dogs and not just a one  so they have someone to play with, the brother and the best friend you know .

How cute would we look as a little family? 
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