What a beautiful day! I love coming to Richmond Park! It’s just so peaceful and beautiful , could literally be here every day! I only need a dog now so I have someone to take out for walks (Roland is not enough and he is high maintenance  hahah love yoooou my baby boy). Also you probably noticed I’m loving this boho hippie fashion, it makes me feel so free and spiritual  also those face gems are just playing a perfect role in the look, don’t you think?  The ones I’m wearing are from In Your Dreams and Poundland. I seriously need to get my hands on more boho clothing so if you guys know about any you think I might could like please let me know! I know a trip to India would probably solve my problem , it is on my list and I desperately want to go there but need some sort of sponsorship for that . Until then I can only enjoy the only Indian shop I know in Camden  it’s not too bad tho! But probably 10times more expensive than in India, if not more. Bye for now and have a great rest of the Sunday! 

(Wearing: jacket ROKIT VINTAGE, scarf ASOS, pants TOPSHOP, bag SNAZZY, knit ASOS, necklace ALIEXPRESS, chokers ASOS. sunglasses ALIEXPRESS )


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