Bush Hall Dining Rooms – the atmosphere in this place is great, but it somehow gives you high hopes. The staff is very friendly but not professional and educated. They couldn’t explain the menu, didn’t remember who ordered what and didn’t even know which pizza was which when they brought it to the table. Very disappointing. The food was nice but nothing special so for that reason it is a little overpriced. The toilets would probably need a regular check – they look ok but for example when I was there there wasn’t any toilet paper or hand wash. Overall it was okay, not bad but not excellent . The garlic bread was delicious!  You can also order food from Bush Hall through Deliveroo  And we actually went there a week later but unfortunately the pizza/pasta chef left so they have a smaller menu, here is what we got this time.

Chorizo jam and sourdough toast, this was yum! Cheesy jalapeno fries, I don’t recommend, basic fries with cheese on top and cut jalapenos. Fish and chips, good but nothing special. Beef chilli with rice, cheese and jalapenos, this tasted nice but some meat pieces were chewy.Since they don’t have the pizza chef I don’t think I’ll be coming back again.

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