TIE-DYE, the trend which has not gone so mainstream yet but it is out there in the shops while no one really talks about it. Getting older it is funny to watch how the trends are circulating, it wasn’t until recently when I not only realised but witnessed each trend will always come back (this being said I will now store all my clothes forever what means I need a 10 bedroom house at least 😀 ) .

I remember dying my clothes at home with my mum, it is actually a really easy process and maybe I should start working on some DIY, who cares that I’ll be walking with purple hands for a week right? 😀

Also, just so you know, vintage stores are the best places to find tie-dye clothes and they will most definitely be a bargain. So I guess it’s not a big risk to try if the trend is right for you and you’ll be one of the first ones to wear this trend 😛 Have fun with it!

I’m wearing: dress MISSGUIDED, hat ASOS, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, septum ELISHA FRANCIS, boots ASOS


One with my Instagram husband 😛WATCH THE VIDEO 

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