You all know how much I love festival season as it is the only time people don’t stare at you as much because you have the actual reason why you dressed up as a glitter mermaid or a rainbow unicorn . And so probably the most important piece of the outfit is some sort of a head piece. Flowers, feathers, crown, chains all sorts! It’s the first thing people see from far faaar away and the kind of first impression. Today I went for the pink feather one with rainbow pom poms . Some people might argue that wearing an Indian headdress is not appropriate ( disrespectful to culture, heritage, it can be racist etc) but I believe it is not in this case. I’d say the inspiration for this came from the Indian headdress but it is not an actual copy so I think we are all safe and there is no need to argue…PEACE & LOVE 


Wearing feather crown from GLITTER GALKA 


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