The cafe is set near the top of the Terrace gardens in Richmond and it is overlooking the Thames. It’s such a cute place to sit and have a light lunch or a coffee either on your own, with your mama or a lover, I’m sure all the romantic souls will appreciate this place. It definitely looks more stunning when it’s sunny but i’m sure it has some sort of magic even when the it’s raining too. Most of the seating is outside but it’s all covered so nothing to worry about and the inside is pretty looking too. The food is vegetarian friendly and it’s pretty much good. There’s a small selection of home made deserts, actually maybe everything they sell is homemade, not sure . When looking at the reviews online it seems like the food standard has been maintained for many years and it did not disappoint this time even tho I think it was a little too expensive for what it was but I guess you pay for the location too.

You can see a little from the space in our VLOG FROM THE DAY HERE .  Interior is as cute as outdoor space . Couldn’t go wrong with fresh orange juice  (£3.50 per glass).

Macaroni and cheese meal was nice but the portion was too small for that price, specially for someone like me who eats like a pig . The bread was filled with cheese and rocket, it was delicious in the middle but the sided were just way too dry.

The coffee wasn’t too bad . The view from the terrace .↓ SCROLL DOWN FOR THE REVIEW ↓(Source: Instagram)↑ FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD THIS ↑

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