Is MILK TRAIN the cutest ice-cream you can get in London? Well yeah maybe! It does look amazing with the candy floss cloud around which was only £1 extra and it became very practical as the toppings could land safely in the surrounding cloud. The place itself is pretty small but you can still manage to grab a seat somehow as people come and go and because it does not have any toilet facilities and also the interior isn’t anything special you really have no reason to sit around. They offer vanilla and matcha flavours every day plus they have “a flavour of the day” which today was custard. The staff is happy to give you a sample to taste so you don’t waste your money …like me! 😀 I decided to go for the matcha flavour simply because everyone is talking about it and I thought it would look good with the rainbow sprinkles on it hahaha well it did look good but matcha isn’t something I’d enjoy I realised so it ended up in the bin boooo but the custard one was delicious!!! We paid around £13 for the two which is okay I think, the price you would pay for two cakes in any restaurant in London.


(Picture from MILK TRAIN)


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