I literally feel that London Fashion Week is every month lol the time flies soooo fast! Well here we are, it’s February 2019 that time of the year when all the fashionistas come to London 😛 .

I have like a love & hate relationship with fashion week. Let me start with the hate 😀 Many people just try too hard to look cool hoping photographers will take snaps of them and they will end up in some sort of lfw street style recap and overall there is a lot of fakeness going on – fake smiles, fake friendships, fake fashion. Also, it is quite difficult to get to the bigger shows – you either need to know someone who can put you on the guest list or you need to be insta famous. So yeah – I didn’t know anyone and I only have 60k followers and because spaces to shows are limited unfortunately I can only watch the shows online 😀 BUT to the smaller shows (most of them are in Fashion Scout which is in Freemasons Hall) you can get even if you don’t have an invite, yes you heard that right! Well first of all, if you request any of those shows you are most likely to get the invite and not to only that show which you requested but to all which are under that agency who organises it. So even if you didn’t want the other ones you got them. So can you imagine how many invites they gave out? Now imagine a room where are 3 sitting rows and 1 standing behind (obviously anyone standing behind the 1st standing row won’t see anything) – that is not much space and a lot of invites right? Plus, they don’t only send you physical invite but also a digital one so that means you can give it to another tons of people because there is no guest list! You only show your ticket on the phone. So now imagine all the queues outside for the show, they are massive! So unless you’re at the beginning of the queue and stand there for like an hour early you probably won’t get in even if you actually really got the invite through your email. Actually, there is another way to get in, you can come straight to the front and be either really cool, or super friendly or pretend you’re someone important and you will most likely get in first. So this is also my reason why I wasn’t giving you any catwalk realness from lfw because I gave up. Next season I won’t be going to Fashion Scout at all so keep your fingers crossed for me so I can get at least one of the bigger shows – praying for the Topshop one! Haha 😀

On the other note – there is so much inspiration in one place plus you meet so many of your friends or insta friends in real life and it’s just awesome!

Keep scrolling to see who I met and what I was wearing!

All pictures were taken by my boo Roland.

With babes @oliviaandalice_

Here with @miakittyfashion & @vegetarianboy

From left @specialeditionlife, @vegetarianboy, @stylemon.blog, @simona_skodova

With my boy @rolandmajer

I am wearing: co ord JADED, shoes , bag GOFEFE, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, earrings ESPIEGLE

I’m wearing: dress MENVI , hat MY ACCESSORIES, shoes ASOS, bag MENVI

Shooting with @paviel

I’m wearing: coat Christoph Ritter, hat ASOS, pants TOPSHOP, trainers FILA, bag GOFEFE

When your insta friend finally becomes your irl friend @jesspennartz

@rolandmajer & @paviel

I’m wearing: dress ELIZABETH ANMARIE, hat MY ACCESSORIES, trainers FILA, socks BURLINGTON, bag GOFEFE



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