Diary from 23rd September 2015:

When you hear “London Fashion Week” you imagine all kind of fashionistas gathered at one place and yes that’s exactly what it is! From true fashion killas, where you can see that the style comes from the <3 , to fashion wannabe’s just standing around photographers, trying to look super cool but really have no idea what’s going on at the runway… sort of sad..

This year LFW has changed its location from Somerset House to car park in Soho which ehm well, I’m not a big fan. The actual place is definitely better and bigger from inside (specially better for the designer showrooms) but the outside space really sucks! There is no space for street style photographers at all, too busy, too many tourists and too many cars..also the fact that the shows’ live stream wasn’t where the showrooms where (couple of mins walk away) made it all kinda strange..no one hung out there really because everyone wanted to see those “important” people coming in and out of the shows.

My 1st day was super busy, with Love Fashion we visited French Connection studio and spent ages trying clothes and picking outfits. I also had invitations for 3 shows for Friday but only managed to go to Fyodor Golan hahaha been busy taking selfies with both Janas from Love Fashion 😀 (those who understand “czechoslovakian” language you can watch their video HERE).

Wearing: dress ROKOKO, shoes H&M, bag CHANEL, sunglasses KAREN WALKER, boob chain EBAYWearing: dress ADAM PTACEK, boots TOPSHOP

Diary from 27th September 2015:

Another sunny day at LFW! YAAAY! Also glad that my other half took the time off work and came to shows with me! Saw few shows but my fav one was Ethologie! A carpet store became host to Jasper Garvida‘s stunning show and he definitely achieved the magical Moroccan vibe with the models’ gold leaf eyeliner as well! Could imagine myself in any of those looks 😛

Wearing: dress TEREZA HAVRANKOVA, top H&M, hat ASOS, trainers ADIDAS, septum EBAYWearing: dress SPIRITUAL HIPPIE, boots ASOS, hat ASOS, septum ELISHA FRANCIS

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