Welcome to our weekend away part 2 😛 (part 1 is HERE for those who haven’t seen it). We woke up in Dartington which is such a beautiful place I must admit. I’d recommend you to stay there for a whole weekend as they have beautiful gardens and it is just a nice place to switch off and relax. Because we didn’t have much time and we still wanted to go to the beach we only spend the morning there and after lunch we headed to Stoke Fleming which was a little more far away. Ahhh the beaches were so nice, I didn’t even feel like I was in UK to be honest and the fact it was a pebble beach was only a plus for me as I hate having everything dirty from the sand anyway lol. Around 6pm we decided it was about that time to leave as it took us 5 hours to get back to London 🙁 It was a lot of driving this weekend but we saw so many beautiful places! <3 Wish I could just be exploring the world everyday! 

Stoke Fleming, England




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