This was my first ever Prague Fashion Week and I have that kind of love and hate impression!

Well first of all a massive thanks to LINDEX who invited me and organised the whole trip.

Firstly I emailed the MBPFW team myself requesting the press tickets but my request was declined. Why? I don’t know. I’m not a Czech/Slovak celeb, I’m not a friend of someone who was organising it and I just wasn’t important enough to get the pass. Tough life but in these countries it’s hard to work yourself to the top, you usually need to know someone who can get you there because their circles are really tight. People there are usually trying to compete with you so they are not willing to help you. This description does not fit everyone of course, I did meet some very nice people who helped me a lot and are still there if I need anything.

Well anyway, I got my tickets at the end so all good . I only came for two days of the fashion week so I was a little sad as I missed shows like CHATTY, LAFORMELA and MICHAELA HRINOVA  but unfortunately we couldn’t make it any earlier with Roland. The shows we’ve seen (see below) were great and the location was pretty cool too. Thanks to MAC cosmetics I could enter the backstage, where all the behind the scenes were happening and I totally loved the atmosphere! I could just sit and watch the chaos all day long . Again, talking about people I was a little disappointed with the whole vibe. They were just looking too cool or too important, people who I know or maybe I thought know  didn’t even say hi or nothing.. you can then imagine me at the hotel going unfriend, unfollow, unfriend, unfollow  It really made me sooo angry as I’m such an open and friendly person and them faces were just full of some shit negativism. This was probably the main difference to LFW where everyone is super friendly and talkative!

Will I come again? Well if I get the invite then probably yes, also the Prague is so beautiful so I definitely want to come back again! 

See the catwalks from my point of view 

More from Prague out on Friday 


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Maybe see you next time Prague! 

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