When you have a late night flight you’re planning on eating and drinking at the airport but when you actually get there you then realise that almost the entire airport is already closed down and the only thing you can buy is tuna baguette from Pret and a bottle of wine which you had no choice to choose from really because it was the only one you could open without a bottle opener It was my second time in Prague and again the weather was rubbish, guess I’m just not lucky enough . Obviously the day we (me and Roland) were leaving it was hot and sunny. But it’s not the end of the world and I’m sure we will be back again soon . I’d also love to stay longer than 3 days next time as I had no time to meet any of my friends over there, so if you are guys reading this (well you better are reading this ) I am so sorry I didn’t show up but I literally had no time to do nothing but fashion focused things .With the babe Sharlota  It is always so nice to meet someone kind, honest, open, friendly but cool, edgy and individual (like me .

That moment when you get back to the hotel at XY am, the birds are singing and you know you fucked up.Well let’s talk about fashion and why I actually visited MBPFW  simply because I was invited to come and present the brand Lindex. You might think the brand is just too plain for me, well if you play around with the collections then (and they have some bold pieces) it’s not and it is great brand to mix and match with some others as I think they just have some great timeless pieces which are totally affordable but are a good quality too . Because I stayed in Prague for such a short time I haven’t had a chance to change into many outfits but I grabbed plenty more things from Lindex so keep your eyes open to see more coming. Also, don’t forget to watch my Insta stories .


Wearing: dress LINDEX, sweatshirt ASOS, shoes ASOS, sunglasses PRIMARK, bag MOSCHINO

Wearing: suit JIRI KALFAR, bag MOSCHINO, sunglasses SUNDAY SOMEWHERE

Wearing: top LINDEX, trousers LINDEX, trainers CONVERSE, scarf LINDEX, bag LINDEX



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