“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”


Wearing: dress DISTURBIA, shoes PUMA, sunglasses ALIEXPRESSWearing: dress ASOS, bag SOUTH BEACH, boots ASOS, choker LASULA, sunnies ALIEXPRESSWearing: jacket VINTAGE, shorts TOPSHOP, boots ASOS, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, hat ASOSWearing: co ord NIMPH, sunnies ALIEXPRESS

Wearing: dress AND/OR, shoes TOPSHOP, bag SOUTH BEACHWearing: bikini BOTTLE BLONDE, sunglasses ALIEXPRESS, face gems GLITTER DISCO CHILDWearing: dress MISSGUIDED, vest VINTAGE, boots ASOS, sunglasses ALIEXPRESS Wearing: top LASULA, shorts TOPSHOP, slides LASULA, sunnies ALIEXPRESSWearing: dress ISABEL MARANT, backpack CURRENT MOODWearing: dress WAREHOUSE , sunnies ALIEXPRESSWearing: boots ASOShat ASOSWearing: bikini BOTTLE BLONDE, shorts MISSGUIDED, trainers CONVERSEWearing: dress GLAMOROUS, boots ASOS, sunglasses ALIEXPRESS Wearing: swimsuit WAREHOUSE, hat ASOS

Wearing: jacket VINTAGE, necklace GIFTED, dress AND/OR, face gems IN YOUR DREAMSWearing: bikini BOTTLE BLONDE, silver co ord SHE HAS EVOLVED, shoes ROCKED DOGWearing: shirt VINTAGE, pants TOPSHOP, boots ASOSWearing: top MISSGUIDED, pants MISSGUIDED, boots ASOSWearing: sweatshirt ASOS, pants TOPSHOP, shoes ROCKED DOGWearing: dress GLAMOROUS, trainers REEF Wearing: top ALIEXPRESS, skirt AMERICAN APPAREL, trainers CONVERSE, sunnies ALIEXPRESS

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