Hello my lovely people! We went on this trip back in May haha but only now I somehow managed to get back to it. Roland always takes thousands of pictures, which are so useless (tree, grass, flower, bench, roof, sun, moon etc) well maybe not useless but I really don’t need them and because he has no time to edit them the way he wants they usually end up in the trash anyway 😀 . So sometimes I feel like I really have no time to scroll through that mass and find something what could maybe interest you guys too 😀 . Anyway, here there…it was our weekend away out of London. First stop was New Forest (where you can find wild horses, I totally recommend you to visit this place if you ever around or have some spare time, it is gorgeous and you can camp there too! ), then we moved to the beach, then for a dinner to Salisbury and we slept at Dartington Hall which was a one night stand kindly given to me from my brother Michal <3 so much love right? 🙂

It was quite a chilly afternoon.

Arrived in Salisbury for a dinner 😛 .

Finally got to our hotel – Dartington Hall. Day 2 will be in the next post 🙂 .Thank you for scrolling!

Don’t forget to WATCH THE VIDEO below 😛


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