MARITA is a Finnish ready-to-wear brand offering a collection of luxurious crafted garments in fine fabrics and unique cuts. The collection features both soft and graphical prints and hand painted fabrics.

The Autumn / Winter 2017 collection introduces three different colour worlds inspired by nature: AUTUMN COLORS featuring soft and natural tones, BLUE FROST with cool and crisp colours, and ETERNAL NIGHT featuring shades of black and bright red. The collection spirit lies in the ancient beliefs of Finnish mythology. It is the story of balance and co-existing mutual respect for nature found in the folk tales of Ilmatar and Tapio, the ancient Gods of the Forest.

Marita features a unique ethical leather and fur concept called “WILD”The WILD collection features fur and leather sourced exclusively from animals who have lived entirely in their natural habitat in the Finnish wilderness. To keep the harmony of the Finnish wilderness, a number of animals defined every year by a state institution must be hunted. The sourcing is therefore from animals which have been culled for environmental conservation reasons, necessary for maintaining the harmonious balance of Finnish nature. The Wild origin is assured by the ‘Wild Finnish Fur’ label. 

And what do you I think? Well I love this concept. If the animal was living a happy life out there in the nature and had to be killed then why not to make the most of it. I’m certainly not a fan of having animals in the cages and killing them only for the skin, that’s a big NO NO!


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