Diary from 17th February 2016:

GOOD MORNING guys! It’s Friday yaaaaay! Hope you’re going to have a super fast day at work and so you can start your weekend early 🙂

First day at the LFW! What a day it was! One of the best I guess, everyone full of energy, sun was out and so it just made the atmosphere much better and nicer 🙂 . Jana from Love-fashion.cz came over on Thursday and we had the best time! She is such a fun to be around and you gotta meet her so you know what I’m talking about! You can kind of see we really did have fun on Friday if you watch the video below 😛 . The first show I went to was Eudon Choi, then we went to see Gyunel‘s presentation and then back to car park for Fyodor Golan. In the evening we were supposed to have a free blowdry at The Bardou event but we came too late and they were fully booked ehm well..at least we got drunk from the free booze 😀 .

Oh and just so you know, I made this jacket at midnight literally the night before the actual fashion week 😀 . I was totally unprepared this season so I was just like “let me make something cool” 😀 . This is why my room is super packed, because is full of stuff which I don’t need RIGHT NOW but I MIGHT NEED IN THE FUTURE lol ..like these cute plush hearts 🙂

Watch the DIY jacket tutorial HERE.
Wearing: jacket DIY, mom jeans TOPSHOP, backpack PRIMARK, trainers REEBOK x LOCAL HEROES

Diary from 23rd Februray 2016:

GOOD EVENING ladies and gentleman! Here comes the LFW PART 2 🙂 Sorry for the delay, I know I said it was gonna be out yesterday but still working on my Final Cut skillzzzz :P.

LFW in the rain is not ideal as you have to be moving around from place to place for the shows and if you’re not one of those rich ones and you have no money for the cab then it sucks! hahaha well at least Roland came and gave us a lift at one point 🙂 We went to Somerset house to see International Fashion Showcase where they were offering free Slovakian wine and Czech beer so you can imagine how I looked by the end of the night 😀 Thank God Roland was driving so there was at least one sober person around 😀

Wearing: dress ASOS, boots ASOS, fur MCQ, backpack ASOS, hat ASOS

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