Ciao ciao! Here we are at Paddington at the Bizzarro restaurant. Let me start with the word – disappointing. Yes that was our experience. This place only makes money because it is next to the Paddington station and most of the hungry tourists can only see that  place when they arrive to London with hungry faces.

The day we visited the place it was super busy ( I guess it is like that every day in the evening because it wasn’t a weekend ). We were given a table which wasn’t even a restaurant’s table probably, because the table look completely different to the other, also with different chairs, it was just there because they had no spaces and they wanted to make more money so thought an extra table squeezed in the middle will do. Anyway, that didn’t bother me, I could live with that.It took a while until someone took an order from us and because he didn’t write it down he obviously forgot and came back to ask again.

As a started we ordered “sliced tomato, avocado, mozzarella cheese and basil” for £5.90 and “Buffalo mozzarella with basil, olive oil in a bed of rocket salad” for £7.50 (don’t forget there is plus service charge as well) which you can see below. On the plate with avocado there is extra rocket for some reason but most of all, the mozzarella tasted like the one for 49p from Asda . There was no taste whatsoever.  When I was taking a picture of the starters the manager realised something is going on and took over of the service. Well, we still waited for a while until they took the empty plates from the starters. Then I must say I was pleased with the main, it tasted nice, they were also happy to give me as much extra parmesan as I wanted for no extra charge which I always appreciate . Overall, the food was OK and I would not come again.  Lasagne. When you ask for extra parmesan   There is more seating downstairs + toilets.  The ceilings look so bad! This was probably the manager, there would be no customer service without him.↓ SCROLL DOWN FOR THE REVIEW ↓

Well as you can see, the food doesn’t look too fancy.(Source GOOGLE)


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