Welcome to Little Napoli guys! It is a tiny place in London’s Shepherd’s Bush area but it looks very lovely inside, must say is one of the few places to eat in this area which doesn’t look so dodgy and dirty . They do concentrate on take away and home delivery so that’s also probably why the place is super tiny. The prices are pretty much low to be honest, only the wine is more expensive.

Unfortunately, even tho the place is small and you can’t really miss anyone, when we walked in, no one looked at us or even helped us to be seated, only after a while. When ordering the food the guy was remembering everything so at the end of the order he forgot what pizza I wanted so I had to repeat that. After few minutes another guy came to us and asked again what pizza we wanted  Jeeez guys, just get a pen and paper! It will make your life much easier! The food was very nice tho, garlic bread was epic! And they have really good pizza base. I ordered Bufalina which to me was a little tasteless, it was missing some sort of kick hahah but that might be just me  Roland got Diavola which was good and spicy! It is that sort of place when you want a quick dinner with a friend or a husband (not a new date!).

After asking for a bill we’ve been waiting for ages! I saw they were busy dealing with takeaway orders but that’s not an excuse! So after a while I stood up and went to the till. He got out the pdq machine, I put my card in, then the pin and the guy left  yes! He left me there standing with pdq in my hand hahaha wtf so I simply pressed okay on the pdq, teared off my receipt, put the machine down and walked off. Then I saw him coming back with a smile on his face and “sorry I forgot”  Seriously? I probably won’t be coming again.

 The garlic bread with mozzarella was amazing!!! I asked for a chilli oil. The gentleman brought me an olive oil which looked like it had some chilli on the bottom of the bottle but unfortunately the taste was no chilli whatsoever. He then said he was gonna bring me fresh chilli and brought me a dry one . And even tho I used half of the chilli on my pizza there was still no taste of spiciness. Roland’s pizza was more spicy because of the salami then the actual chilli #CHILLIFAIL .


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