Hello and welcome! Many of you ask me what I usually cook at home and my response is always Slovakian food. Yes, I love the food we used to cook at home! We ate out in restaurants very rarely, mostly on holidays and so I learned a lot from my mama and grandma too.

And what is Slovakian food like? TASTY!  Haha. The traditional food is “bryndzove halusky” which are potato dumplings with sheep cheese (bryndza) and roasted bacon. I’d also say that “zemiakove placky” (potato pancakes fried in oil with garlic and flour) could be called as a traditional food. On the other hand traditional Czech food is probably “svickova”, “utopenec” or “gulas” which basically belongs to traditional Hungarian cuisine .

That was a little food intro but back to the review 

Those who’d like to taste what the food is like could visit Czechoslovak restaurant in West Hampstead, London. It looks like a family house from outside and actually from the inside too . Please note, this is not a place you would take your date to or someone to impress. The interior looks…bad, but the food taste nice and that’s what counts right? If you order any starter you will probably be fine with 1/2 portion of main (well I am and I’m a big eater!) You will have to order at the counter but they will bring it to your table. Don’t forget to say what you’re ordering as a starter because otherwise they will bring everything at the same time. The staff is very nice and friendly. Toilets are upstairs, nothing posh but they’re always clean so all good. There is also a terrace outside which I think is much nicer than inside. So if you decide to go there for the first time I’d recommend to visit it in a summer time! My favourite choices are: roast pork spiced with black forest, beef goulash and potato pancakes with bacon. Even tho I love our traditional “bryndzove halusky” I don’t think they have them any good, they don’t have the right cheese for it from my point of view. The menu has two sides, English and Czech/Slovak so you have nothing to worry about.  “utopenec” marinated sausage “zemiakove placky so slaninou” potato pancakes with bacon “diviak” (1/2 portion) roast pork spiced with black forest“vepro knedlo zelo” (1/2 portion) roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplingsbeef goulash (1/2 portion)↓ SCROLL DOWN FOR THE REVIEW ↓(Source GOOGLE)


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