Hey you! This is probably, well not probably, this is my first street style blogpost on my NEW WEBSITE! I’m totally enjoying this new layout guys, can’t get over it! It looks much more eye appealing haha, definitely more cool and edgy right??! I’m giving you no space to disagree :D.

Talking about this look, isn’t this rainbow fluffy coat freakingly (not sure if that is even a word :D) awesome??? I found the brand on Instagram (the place I always look for shopping inspiration) when browsing through rainbow hashtag (my fav activity while pooooping oops :D) and I was in love straight away! Wanted to buy it myself at first but thought £150 it’s quite a lot of money for me atm (because I have no stable salary, will talk about my “job” soon) and so I wrote a letter to Santa Roland :D. And on 24th Dec HO-HO-HO Santa arrived but the jacket wasn’t really my dream jacket. Because it is made to measure you can ask what colours, length etc you want..and so Santa Roland asked for a colorful jacket for Natinstablog 😀 which is not really a clear guidance! First, the jacket was just too small (by now, we all know I have huuuuuge shoulders!) and it was just too dark. Even though it had all the same colours like this one I’m wearing now, you were not able to see all the colours from the front, the front was mostly blue and red. Thank God SACCHARINESHRINE was so lovely and kind and had no problems with completely redoing the whole thing. And VOILA here I am rocking the Camden streets like a parrot :D.


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