You guys know I can’t describe my style in one word (well maybe unique? lol) but there are two styles, kinda characters you see me in most of the time. One is the colourful rainbow Natinstablog, crazy, glittery and fun, not everyone might like it because it is unique, it looks different and it really is nuts sometimes 😀 Then there is the other part of me who wished to live in the forest with wild animals or in the 70’s.. the boho hippie Nat, which is probably more wearable 😛

And so talking about boho here I’m serving you probably the easiest look that anyone can do and I’m pretty much sure it would also suit anyone and everyone! First step is to pick a dress. It should be loose, can be short or long, preferably longer sleeves, with embroidery, tassels, patchworks.. Then you need to get some sort of western boots, the ones I’m wearing are my new ones from Deichmann, but I also have the black buckles ones which are probably my all time fav (simply because they are black and they go with anything) and I literally wear them all year around. Next thing you need is a hat, it just gives the look the bohemian feel. And if that is all you have that’s okay, you’re ready to go but I like to top it up with loads of jewels or even some face paint and face gems 😛 You know I like everything a bit over the top 😀 . WILL YOU TRY? 🙂 🙂 🙂


I’m wearing: dress GLAMOROUS, boots DEICHMANN, sunnies ALIEXPRESS

The dress also comes in RED, GREY, BLACK and  BLUE 🙂




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