Hey guys!

Non of us are perfect and that’s the reason I’ve decided to bring you a selection of my top 20 pictures where I look the most retarded 😀  I’m gonna make this a regular thing twice a year so this is your first dose. I get so many compliments from you about how I look, that I always look amazing, that I am body goals (this one cracks me up 😀 because I am  definitely not body goals but I just don’t dress to look like a pizza, I dress to look good 😛 and most importantly I feel confident in my body and that’s why it looks good). And well I wanted to show you that I don’t always look amazeballs and it does take couple of shots (maybe few…a lot ..of shots 😀 ) to get the picture right..trust me, Roland could write a book about my dictator skills during photoshoots 😀 but I don’t post those pictures on my social media. I use social media sites as my portfolio as it is not always so appropriate even tho I do make fun of myself sometimes 😀 but you can see more of that in my Instagram stories or in my YouTube vlogs ;).

None of the pictures are edited!



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