“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.”

Ralph Lauren

Wearing: jacket BOOHOO, pants BOOHOO, tee CREEP LIKE ME, boots TOPSHOP, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, beret OLDWearing: jumper UNIF, sweatpants ASOS, boots UGG, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, beanie LINDEXWearing: jacket CHEAP MONDAY, tee CHEAP MONDAY, jeans CHEAP MONDAY, trainers FILA Wearing: coat TOPSHOP, dress DAISY STREET, boots NEW LOOK, hat ASOSWearing: jumper NAKD, jeans ASOS, trainers ADIDAS x MARY KATRANTZOUWearing: jacket PEA STREET, hoodie PRIMARK, bag EASTPAK, jeans TOPSHOP, trainers PUMA, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, beanie LINDEX Wearing: jacket GLAMOROUS, jeans TOPSHOP, boots TRUFFLE, sunnies ALIEXPRESS Wearing: coat TOPSHOP, sweater DAISY STREET, pants TOPSHOP, belt ASOS, headband ASOS   Wearing: coat TOPSHOP, jeans TOPSHOP, scarf ZARA, boots UGG, beanie MONCLER Wearing: dress DREAMLAND, jacket FRENCH CONNECTION, boots NEW LOOKWearing: top DAISY STREET, jeans TOPSHOP Wearing: cape SECOND HAND, bag BE SNAZZY, boots ROCKED DOG, jeans TOPSHOP, hat LINDEXWearing: jumper NAKD, jacket NEW LOOK, jeans ASOS, trainers REEBOK

Wearing: dress LINDEX, blazer SECOND HAND, boots TOPSHOP, bag MOSCHINO, belt ASOS, sunglasses ALIEXPRESSWearing: coat SECOND HAND, sweatshirt LIME BLONDE, pants TOPSHOP, trainers CONVERSE, sunnies ALIEXPRESS Wearing: sweatshirt SCOTCH & SODA, pants MISSGUIDED, trainers PUMA, sunnies ALIEXPRESSWearing: jumper DAISY STREET, skirt PRETTYLITTLETHING, bag BOOHOO, trainers REEBOK, sunnies ALIEXPRESSWearing: raincoat NAKD, jeans TOPSHOP, boots VAGABOND Wearing: jumper LAZY OAF, jeans TOPSHOP, boots ROCKET DOG

Are you feeling inspired? Did you buy anything similar? 

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