“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Wearing: white tee ASOS, jeans TOPSHOP, backpack EASTPAK Wearing: dress YAS , hat ASOS Wearing: tee DIY, skirt TEZENIS, shoes ASOS, hat ASOS, bum bag SKINNY DIP LONDON, wallet SKINNY DIP LONDON, sunnies ALIEXPRESSWearing: cardi PRETTY LITTLE THING, jeans LINDEX, trainers CONVERSE, backpack EASTPAK, luggage EASTPAK

Wearing: dress ASOS, bag ZARA, boots ASOS, hat ASOS

Wearing: tee ASOS, pants DAISY STREET, shoes UGG, belt ASOS, bag ZARA, necklace ASOS, hat ASOS Wearing: dress GLAMOROUS, hat ASOS, sunglasses JIMMY FAIRLY

Wearing: tee CLIVE COLLECTION, jeans CHEAP MONDAY, trainers FILA, bag LINDEX, sunnies JIMMY FAIRLY Wearing: headpiece CARBICKOVA, lace kimono LINDEXWearing: tee TOPSHOP, shorts BOOHOO

Wearing: playsuit DESERT FOXWearing: dress LINDEX Wearing: top NASTY GAL, pants NASTY GAL, bag ALIEXPRESS, sunnies JIMMY FAIRLYWearing: bra REALM, skirt REALM

Wearing: swimsuit ALIEXPRESS, sunnies JIMMY FAIRLY, float URBAN OUTFITTERSWearing: headpiece ALIEXPRESS, bikini ASOS

Wearing: jacket BOOHOO, skirt BOOHOO, trainers PUMA, hat ASOS, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, belt ASOS, tee BERSHKAWearing: shirt ASOS, skirt TOPSHOP, boots ASOS, hat ASOS, bag ZARA

Wearing: swimsuit SOUTH BEACH, sunnies ALIEXPRESS, hat ASOS, float BAN.DO

Wearing: dress ASOS, shoes ROCKET DOG, hat ASOS, bag ZARA, sunnies JIMMY FAIRLY, earrings POLYNAS Wearing: dress EN CREME

Are you feeling inspired? Did you buy anything similar? 

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