When I spotted this house I just couldn’t resist taking pictures next to it. First of all every blogger needs a picture with some sort of spring flowers on their feed right? And for the second let me just say this house looks AAAH-mazing!!! When I was passing by this house in winter time I kept saying that they had the best Christmas decoration – yellow lights hanging from the windows, hard to describe but it was so simple and beautiful at the same time! Now passing by in spring it is again the best looking house! Oh man wish it was mine! 

I tried to match my look the location and I think I did pretty well, you would never say this is in London would you? It reminds me of some sort of summer beach holidays, sun, sand and mojito you know .

Have a great week

(Wearing: dress LINDEX, cap LINDEX, shoes ASOS, sunglasses TOPSHOP, jewellery TOPSHOP)


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