Literally had the best time at CAMP WILDFIRE this weekend with the KEEN team!

MASSIVE THANKS for taking me and my boy Roland on this adventure 🏕 To explain it👉 it’s something like a summer camp for adults 😏 The entire camp is divided into 4 patrols (foxes, hawks, squirrels and badgers) and during days you have activities where you collect gold coins. There are so many different activities for everyone, so don’t worry you will definitely pick – from playing sports, learning dance, yoga, arts and crafts to survival and Bear Grylls skills. At the end of the camp there is only one patrol winning – well done squirrels 🎉 (sadly it wasn’t foxes where we were in but I’m sure we’ll be going again next year and we’ll try harder👊🤓) and at night time you have live bands, you’re sitting by the fire and you’re just having the best time! We met so many lovely people, it’s like a little family there, there is just something over 1k people so you all really get close to each other ❤️❤️❤️ It was an experience which we definitely want to do again 😊💪🏕 THANK YOU again!!

Find more picture on the Camp Wildfire’s Facebook Page HERE.

Keep scrolling down for the video! XXX



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