Guyyyys! You already know (ehmm you know if you follow me on Instagram which I hope you all do! hah) that I went to a press trip to Istanbul with Wyndham Hotel group last week. Well it wasn’t only me going on a trip but also two lovely girls, influencers from UK (Thank God we all got on lol) @londonblogger_ and @thewonderingdreamer, and 3 Turkish influencers @cansudengey, @tadindaseyahat and @myfoodsteps aaaaand my boy @rolandmajer went too! Obviously the Instagram husband couldn’t be left at home!

Just FYI  Ramada is one of the most recognised hotels in the world, with over 800 hotels in over 60 countries  sounds like a pretty good business right! The trip was organised to celebrate their new international wine range with the slogan ‘SAY HELLO TO RED’. Tasting red wine? Press trip literally made for me! 😀

“Red is more than our colour, it’s who we are. … Red is warmth. Red is passion.”

You might have noticed by now that I’m not the best at writing blogposts so I did a little picture journal for you of what we’ve been up to. Let me just say A MASSIVE THANKS to the Ramada’s PR. I’ll be forever grateful for this opportunity. It was my 3rd press trip ever (and hopefully there are many more to come!) and I really do appreciate it! I was always dreaming of travelling the world with brands and my dreams are slowly coming true. That being said – never stop dreaming!!!

My travel outfit, aka throw on everything comfy you have!Arrived at Ramada Plaza Istanbul City Center.Healthy fruity welcome and already making mess in the room 😀 .

We were told we only have an hour to look around town so we decided to quickly go out and take some shots for Instagram, because..we live for the gram! 😀

So we headed to an old town area called Balat.

So happy I’ve managed to find this little colourful street as we literally had no time for browsing around and this was probably the only thing which I REALLY wanted to see and take a picture of in Istanbul.

I mean I could not miss these rainbow umbrellas right?!!! Ladies waiting for the cab.

Quick spa time before dinner! Before and after massage pics, haha look at those puffy faces!

Dinner time at the private space! Wish we could just jump into the pool after 😛 .#SAYHELLOTORED

In the morning we headed to another hotel, Ramada Tekirdag where I first tried the Turkish coffee (a little too sweet for me I must say).

First stop of the trip was Barbare vineyard, a place that knows how to run a profitable business as it was all ready for your Instagram pictures. Shame the sun didn’t come out too!

There is actually a restaurant too, so not only wine is served but a great Turkish food too!

From inside..

..and how it looks downstairs and where the magic happens!

Meet the team!After lunch we headed to Umurbey vineyards which is a family business, much smaller than the first one but I actually felt much more welcome and loved in here, love a cute cozy space!Mr. Umur himself, so cute! Hehe.He gave us to try only two months old wine straight from the barrel, it was actually quite nice!

I’m sorry all the group picture are pretty rubbish 😀 .

On the last night we tried the traditional Turkish bath called Hammam, and it’s basically a woman scrubbing and washing your body haha you can’t get any more lazy than that :D.

Last evening was full of traditional Turkish cuisine, MORE WINE and a live Turkish band which was so fun! Played some wine games too! I actually won a free night at any of the Ramada hotels, BOSS!

Can’t even remember how many times I said “cheers” on this trip :D.Told you the group pictures are terrible quality :D, gosh it was super windy!First stop on the day 2 was Chateau Nuzun vineyard run by a couple who decided to leave US busy life after years and started from the scratch. The little lady standing there is one of the owners.

And last vineyard we visited was Barel, which was actually pretty instafriendly hehe and it is run by a young charming man which is probably why it is instafriendly as he knows that if people can take nice pictures there that means they will come and give you a free promo.

I’m not on this picture because I had to run to change my outfit as we were heading to central Istanbul for a quick stop 😀 . Oh and so the owner of this vineyard is the second guy from the left 😉 .One hour stop in town! It was crazy busy and it’s not even the season!

Hope to see you soon again Istanbul!

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