This jumper, cardigan, jacket or whatever you call this thing is insane! First of all, let me just mention again how surprised I am about the quality of this thing. It’s from LIGHT IN THE BOX which is a website similar to ALIEXPRESS but in this case I’ve always been happy with the pieces, they look just like the pictures! And this fringe thing is again a great example (see also a previous post HERE where I featured some pieces from their website). It comes in orange, blue, black, grey and white and I’m gonna have to get another one I guess (obviously I picked the brightest colour first 😀 ) because it gives any simple look completely different dimensions 😛 . Well, let me know what you think guys..? 😛 😮

PS: the cat on my hoodie is actually the one I have tattooed on my arm 😛 It’s my little Marmite <3

Wearing: cardi LIGHT IN THE BOX, sweatshirt ASOS, dress MOTEL, boots UGG, sunnies ALIEXPRESS


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